Monday, April 9, 2012

What We’re Reading
-This is from's weekly update. It's lighthearted with many great links. Enjoy.
Robert Slayton
From PPACA replacement plans to pregnant men, our reading list this past week has been very entertaining!
A popular current speculation topic among health wonks everywhere right now is what will happen to the private health insurance marketplace if the Supreme Court strikes down PPACA’s individual mandate provision but upholds the rest of the rest of the law. Even the political satire site The Onion has gotten in on it, predicting that the administration will simply replace Obamacare with “Ointmentcare.” For those who prefer a more serious take on the potential problem, the Washington Post’s Wonk Blogand Bloomberg News have got you covered. 

Guess what? Employer-provided private coverage is more robust than Medicare. This new study offers proof. 
In case you were wondering, the GOP is working on a PPACA replacement plan, and the word on the street is that it will focus on cost containment. The New York Times has the scoop.

Even if PPACA is completely struck down or eventually repealed, health insurance exchanges may live on in some states.

Did you know that there are 17,000 pregnant men in Great Britain? Or more accurately, 17,000 men and Britain’s National Health Service are dealing with provider coding errors. Good thing in the United States we have an ICD-10 implementation delay and health insurance agents to help resolve claims issues!

Sometimes the husband of a certain Washington Update author suggests that the words humor and health policy don’t really go together. But this week’s political cartoon from Kaiser Health News proves him wrong (again). While not exactly mainstream media, it does show that there are a few other people out there in the world who find jokes about risk pools, broccoli and the Supreme Court proceedings funny.