Thursday, January 31, 2013

Health Reform Resources

As I'm giving a talk today and hate killing trees, I thought I'd create a listing of helpful resources related to the Affordable Care Act's health reform.

Timeline for Implementation put out by the National Association of Health Underwriters

Government Websites - The federal government's official website. Although biased, it does include a wealth of information

     -Preventative Services Included in Health Reform:

Website showing proposed paperwork for employers to prove their plans meet the minimum requirements along with paperwork for individuals to sign up on the exchange.

Illinois Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Program - if you have been uninsured for 6 or more months and are ineligible for individual health insurance (due to health problems).

Websites with a good overview of the issues

Kaiser Family Foundation is recognized as having one of the best websites on health reform available.

National Center for Policy Analysis - It's view on health reform and how to fix the crisis

Financial Calculators

These are online calculators designed to help assess both individual health insurance exchange subsidies or penalties for businesses.

Small Business Resources

What's crazy about the resources below is that almost all of them were issued within the last 2 months.